Sunday, October 28, 2012

Make Your Computer Run Faster ! (3)

 Make Your Computer Run Faster ! 

 Make Your Computer Run Faster ! (2)

Today, we are going to Fix Problems.

At this moment there will be some problems shown in this section. Click on Show Details to open.


Go through each problem and fix them.

Or you can choose to hide permanently.


But, this one is important.


This will check your hard drive for bad sectors and file system errors. Tuneup Disk Doctor. If your hard disk is new and never had system crashes before, you can ignore this test. Otherwise its better to check this.

Select the disks you want to check.

Then this will check the system. Wait until it finishes.

Then, it will ask to restart the computer to complete the test. You can choose to restart now. If you are in a middle of something, you can choose to perform the test on next restart.

Then the computer will restart and perform the tests before loading windows.

Any errors will be fixed within this scan.